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Welcome to our premier pet daycare services, where we provide a dynamic and engaging environment for your furry friends. At our state-of-the-art facility, we understand the importance of a well-rounded and stimulating experience for pets, and our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your beloved companions have a day filled with fun, socialization, and personalized care.

Our pet daycare program is designed to cater to the unique needs and personalities of each pet, offering a structured day of activities to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. From interactive play sessions to outdoor adventures, our facility is equipped to provide a safe and secure space for your pets to thrive.


Where Happiness and Play Unite!

With a focus on creating a positive social experience, our trained staff monitors and facilitates interactions, promoting a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for pets of all shapes and sizes. We prioritize safety and well-being, ensuring that our play areas are clean, secure, and equipped with the latest amenities to keep your pets entertained.

Whether you're a busy professional or simply want to treat your pet to a day of excitement, our pet daycare services are the ideal solution. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs, making it convenient for you to provide your pets with a day filled with joy and companionship.

Choose our pet daycare services for a reliable and enriching experience for your pets. Join the countless pet owners who have entrusted us with the care of their furry family members. Give your pets the opportunity to socialize, exercise, and enjoy a day filled with happiness at our leading pet daycare center. Book your pet's daycare session today and witness the joy they experience in our vibrant and welcoming environment.

Dog chewing on orange ball.

Dog Daycare

Daycare - our core program is for dog social dogs.

  • We keep class sizes small for personalized attention and more importantly safety. (Industry average is 30 dogs per 1 handler, our facility keeps it at 1:13 ratio for big dogs and 1:14 ratio for littles)
  • Your dog will be grouped based on size, temperament, and playstyle.
  • Dog's cycle through a balance of rest and play.
  • While out playing, we reinforce positive behaviors and redirect dogs from negative ones. Each staff member receives 80+ hours of training between online learning and practical learning before they are able to take on a class of students. Teachers work on basic behaviors with dogs such as sit, down, recall, leash manners, and other exercises to tire out dogs not only physically, but mentally.

AP Class - our AP program is for dogs who aren't dog social.

  • Using a purely positive approach, students work one on one with their AP instructor to practice basic manners, solve puzzles, and of course have fun!

Independent Study - this program is to help shy or nervous dogs integrate into our regular daycare program.

  • Using a purely positive approach your pup's teacher will help familiarize them with MPA and all the fun it has to offer.
  • Things are taken at your dog's speed as to not overwhelm them.
  • Once comfortable, your dog will graduate and be able to attend our regular daycare program.

Daycare Pricing

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Bringing your dog to doggie daycare is a great way to brighten ther day. Why is doggie daycare here at Mutty Paws Academy a great choice?

  • Socialization: Doggy daycare provides an opportunity for your dog to interact with other dogs. Socialization is crucial for a dog's overall well-being, as it helps them develop social skills and prevents isolation and loneliness.
  • Exercise: Our dog daycare offers ample playtime and physical exercise, which is essential for your dog's health. Regular physical activity can help prevent obesity, improve muscle tone, and keep your dog mentally stimulated.
  • Mental Stimulation: In addition to physical activity, dog daycare includes mentally stimulating activities and games to help keep your dog's mind sharp and reduce boredom.
Seven dogs sitting and standing by each other.
Seven dogs sitting and standing by each other.
  • Reduced Separation Anxiety: For dogs prone to separation anxiety, daycare can be a great way to alleviate their stress when you're away at work or running errands. They can socialize and stay occupied instead of feeling anxious and lonely at home.
  • Supervision: Our reputable daycare has experienced staff who can monitor your dog's behavior and intervene if any issues arise. This level of supervision ensures your dog's safety and well-being.
  • Convenience: Daycare for your pup is a convenient solution for pet owners with busy schedules. It can be beneficial when you have long working hours or when you're going to be away from home for an extended period.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your dog is in a secure and supervised environment can provide peace of mind while you're at work or engaged in other activities. You won't need to worry about your dog being alone or getting into mischief at home.

It’s essential to consider your dog's individual needs and personality when deciding if our dog daycare is the best option. Some dogs may not enjoy being in a group setting, while others thrive in such environments. Please speak to us about our evaluation process to see if you and your pooch are a good fit!