About Us

Mutty Paws Academy is operated with the passion and care of a family-owned business combined with the professionalism and sophistication of a well-established organization. The culture has always been one focused on the pets. We are now adding resources and additional education for a professionally and uniformly trained staffed.

Our slogan: “It’s all about the dogs” represents how our faculty members view their time at Mutty Paws Academy. It’s how we feel! The greater Portland area is one of the most dog friendly areas in the country evidenced by the amount of pet owners that you drive past daily, the various parks constructed just for our pets, and the pet friendly facilities scattered throughout Southern Maine. Mutty Paws Academy strives to foster that trend and assist pet owners with the four-legged members of their family. We provide a place to socialize, enrich, and further the learning of your furry friend! If you only want the best for your dog, Mutty Paws Academy can provide just that!